A graduate of Cortiva Institute Florida, I specialize in pain management for chronic conditions, trigger points, soft tissue injuries, and post-operative recovery.

Through Continued Education and a practice of Mindfulness and Meditation, I am able to achieve a style of massage best described as “Scientifically informed, intuitively guided.”

In addition to being an LMT, I am a certified Permaculture design consultant.  (Permaculture is a design system focused on creating regenerative food and social systems, by mimicking Nature.)

In practicing bodywork and working closely with Nature, I have found my “Ikigai”.

Ikiagia–which translates to “reason for being”– is a Japanese philosophy believed by many to be the secret to a full, fruitful life.  You know you’ve found your Ikiagai when the following overlap:

  • What you love.
  • What you’re good at.
  • What you can be paid for.
  • What the world needs.