Dear (Potential) Massage Client,

As an independent massage therapist and owner of a small business, I am able to:

* Provide a boutique experience with customized services
* Control the pace at which I work
* Set my own hours
* Establish deep trust and rapport with clients–optimizing the
therapeutic benefits of the work we do together

How does this benefit you as a massage therapy client?

Unlike massage therapists that find themselves working for large massage chains, I am able to ensure that I am not overworked or physically exhausted as a result of performing multiple massages in a row.

I make it a point never to schedule more than 3 massages in one day, and I never book back-to-back sessions; I allow time for my body to fully recover so that I am able to give each of my clients 100% of my energy and attention.

And because I create the environment and set the pace at which I work, I am able to ensure that my clients never feel rushed or treated like a commodity. The “bottom line” and main concern of my practice is the health and well being of my clients; I’m not sure the same can be said for Corporate massage chains or the employees that are beholden to them.

Right / Ethical Livelihood is extremely important to me. I practice massage because it is in line with my values, and I believe in its ability to aid in and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. To avoid having to make compromises to my practice for the sake of finances, I do not rely on massage as my main source of income. –Having multiple income streams (of which I am in control) allows me to maintain my integrity while also making a living.

If you currently patronize a chain massage establishment, I strongly encourage you to do some research and try to find a local, independent LMT to work with. Not only will you likely receive more focus, energy, and commitment from your practitioner, a much larger percentage of the money you spend on your service will STAY LOCAL and support the local economy.