In addition to my brick and mortar practice, I offer on-site chair massage for the workplace, special events, and customer appreciation days.

blackChairHow it works  


The minimum space requirement for chair massage is 5 ft x 5 ft.  Options for set-up include: break rooms, waiting rooms, unused offices or cubicles, or anywhere else that meets the space requirement.  If you have a courtyard or outdoor space, I have a 10′ X 10′ canopy tent that I can set up if needed.


If you are a local business and would like to host a Customer Appreciation Day or Grand Opening at your location, there is no charge for my service:  I will happily provide each of your customers with FREE 5 minute chair massages in exchange for you advertising my presence and allowing me to hand out my business cards.  (One free event per business).

If you would like me to set up in or outside your location on a semi-regular basis (to help draw in customers) there is no charge to you.  My fee to the customer is $1 per minute.

If you are an Employer that would like to make chair massage available to your employees, you may cover the cost of this service at a flat rate of $50 per hour (3 hour minimum), or if this service is not currently in the company budget, give employees the option of paying for the service themselves at a rate of $1 per minute.  

Gauge interest levels by sending out a company wide email or passing out a sign-up sheet. When employees are paying individually, there is a 10 minute minimum for each person; these individual sessions must be consecutive and total a minimum of 2 hours.

*Cash and All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Release Forms:

Prior to their first session, each person will be asked to fill out a short medical intake and release form to ensure they have no contraindications for massage.

(For workplace chair massage, I will provide your office with Sign-up Sheets and Release Forms ahead of time.  For special events such as customer appreciation days or Grand Openings,  I will have Release Forms on hand at the time of the event).

Additional Information:

I use 100% organic massage cremes and top of the line equipment.  My Stronglite Ergo Pro massage chair has a 600 lb weight capacity and a height adjustable seat for ultimate stability and comfort; I provide aroma therapy at no extra charge, and am fully insured.