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“With 4 new tendons and soft tissue damage, massage therapy is more like physical therapy for me, I am not the normal client. Riley worked with me to figure out what we both could do to deal with a painful mix of post fall soft tissue injury, horrible arthritis, scar tissue from major surgeries, etc. She structured her massage to compliment the work my acupuncturist is doing and gave me follow up instructions to help greatly lower my pain and increase my mobility. If you are hurting you need to give Riley a call ASAP. She is simply amazing.”           -Shelly

“Riley  has an amazing gift. I have had both my knees completely replaced and bone spurs in my neck. She is helping me with pain and mobility . I recommend her highly.”      -Denise

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I had given up on finding a massage therapist that could sense the areas that needed work. As a person with lupus and fibromyalgia, finding Riley was a godsend. She used just the right amount of pressure!  I would highly recommend her, and am looking forward to my next appointment.— Cathy

“I’ve had many massages over the years, but Riley is the best. Pressure points were relieved, pain was relieved. The results were lasting. She is knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to the next time.  I’d recommend Riley to anyone!” — Laura B.

“Riley is very knowledgeable and has been helping me manage my back and neck pain for years. Also, her good energy makes the experience almost meditative. I highly recommend her for any kind of healing body work you need.”  –Kim

 “I recently was in need of a therapeutic massage due to having plantar fasciitis! The results I experienced were amazing, due to the trust I have in Riley’s knowledge I was able to relax and allow her to do the work necessary to reduce the pain in my feet.  Thank you Riley!”  –Annette

“I am happy to recommend Riley for her superb abilities and knowledge in therapeutic massage. I’ve been to many therapists over the last 30 years and now choose to see Riley! The last 4 years while healing from injuries I have been searching for the “right one”. After an hour with Riley I was almost pain free! I plan to be on her schedule regularly now! Thank you, Riley!”  –Sarah

“Riley has excellent knowledge of her practice and I had a wonderful experience with her. I suffer from nerve damage, stenosis, etc, and lower back issues. After our session, I have had no lower back issues and mid-back is wonderful. Thanks so much Riley for the help. Great experience!” –-Jenny